Give your tile, grout, and wood floors a deep clean with Magna-Dry!

Your floors are the front line of defense for all of your dirty deeds: dirt and debris tracked in from outdoors, grease or spilled food and drinks caked in the grout of your kitchen's tile floors, among other offenses.

Restore cleanliness and beauty to your home or business's wood or tile flooring by relying on the professionals at Magna-Dry! Our IICRC-certified technicians will thoroughly clean and sanitize your floors with care.


Magna-Dry is your single source for hardwood floor cleaning. Our technicians wash your floors thoroughly and then apply products to revive shine and bring back life to your hardwood floors.


When your tile grout is no longer white, contact Magna-Dry for a thorough cleaning of your tile floors, backsplash, or other surfaces. You will be surprised how much better tile flooring will look with clean grout!


Magna-Dry provides FREE estimates on all cleaning services. We do this so both you and Magna-Dry know what to expect with your unique situation.

Magna-Dry's patented cleaning technology and our staff's dedication to delivering results allows you to reap the benefits of quick and effective cleaning and restoration services!

Magna-Dry's patented cleaning methods are:

  • Non-Toxic
  • Non-Allergenic
  • Environmentally Safe

We guarantee excellent cleaning services, superior standards, and dedication to our customers. Contact us today for more information on Magna-Dry’s products and services.

The best solution for cleaner properties is Magna-Dry!

What You Can Expect With Magna-Dry 

Non-Toxic Cleaners

IICRC Certified

FREE Estimates

24/7 Service